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It’s not hard to spot when something is wrong with a roof. The most noticeable symptoms of a roof needing repair are water dripping inside the house after a rainstorm, or shingles that are curling or missing altogether.

Sometimes the signs of roof damage are more elusive, especially if the damage is internal to the roof. These concealed flaws will worsen with time, requiring major and costly repairs or a complete roof replacement.

The state of a roof and its supporting structure can be best ascertained through routine inspections conducted by a certified roof inspector. James Kate Roofing has been in this industry for many years, so if you need a reliable roof inspection service, don’t hesitate to call us. You can count on a no-cost roof inspection to determine the condition of your roof.

What To Expect During a Roof Inspection?

As part of our regular maintenance service, or at the request of our customers after a storm, James Kate Roofing will examine your roof at no cost. All roof surfaces, flashings, and penetrations (such as chimneys, skylights, and pipelines) are inspected as part of our procedure. Among the many things we check are:

  • Signs of a weakened structure
  • Overall condition of both the interior and external roof components
  • An assessment of the quality of the workmanship at the initial installation
  • The current condition of the roofing materials

Professional And Customer-Focused Roof Inspection Services

As a professional, customer-focused roofing company, we always aim to provide first-rate customer service. Over the years, this has set us apart from other roof inspection companies.

We’re a licensed roof inspector with almost 10 years of on-hands experience; you can rely on us to do a decent job and locate any potential problems. 

Contact us today; let’s schedule an appointment.

James Kate Roofing Offers Free, Accurate Estimates for Roof Repairs and Replacements

James Kate Roofing offers free, accurate roofing estimates. We believe this will aid homeowners in making well-informed decisions about house improvements by considering important factors such as aesthetic preferences, financial constraints, and potential long-term and short-term benefits. Before providing an estimate, the James Kate Roofing crew will thoroughly inspect the property to identify any preexisting damage and assess the extent of the necessary repairs. The next step is for us to provide you with a detailed written estimate that includes everything from the total price to the exact extent of the repair or replacement. We are very conscientious about staying within the financial parameters of the estimate given to the client.

If your roof has undergone severe damage from hailstorms, strong winds, or a minor leak, James Kate Roofing has what it takes to provide the necessary repairs or replacement. We have serviced hundreds of residential and commercial roofs since entering the industry.

Do you need a roof repair or replacement? James Kate Roofing provides exceptional roofing services as well as free roofing estimates. Some roofing options we provide estimates for are:

  • Traditional shingles
  • Metal Roofs
  • Tile Roofs
  • Solar Tiles
  • EPDM
  • Modified Bitumen
  • PVC and more!

Get Your Free Estimate Today

You can rely on us to fix any roofing issue, from leaks and missing shingles to a complete roof replacement. We are experts in all facets of roofing and can fix, replace, or install any roof. Place a call right now to get a free estimate!

James Kate Roofing: Your Partner In Navigating Insurance Claims For Roof Replacement

Why repeatedly waste your time calling your insurance provider to ensure you are properly compensated?  Here at James Kate Roofing, we remove all of the uncertainty from the equation. We provide 24/7 customer service so that when you need help, we can immediately send a specialist to your house. James Kate Roofing is committed to being by your side throughout the entire process. Each member of our team is committed to easing your mind during this phase and ensuring that your insurance company pays for everything necessary to install your new roof.

Make the Claim

The first step we will take is reaching out to your insurance company and calling in the claim. We will be there to guide you through the initial conversation.

Fill Out Paperwork

Your insurance company will send down a representative to assess the condition of your roof to approve and process your claim. Our roofing experts will be with the insurance company’s insurance representative to ensure they know all the damaged areas.

Claim Approval

Once your insurance claim is approved, talk to James Kate Roofing about the insurance coverage details. This will let you ask the roofer any questions you have about the work and the warranty they will give you. Here, the claims specialists at James Kate Roofing can help determine what the insurance company will cover.

Project begins

When all of your concerns have been addressed, you can finalize the roof replacement agreement with James Kate Roofing.

Get Accurate And Detailed Drone Roof Inspections With James Kate Roofing

During roof inspections, precision is of the utmost importance. An accurate assessment of your roof’s health is possible after a careful inspection. Knowing as much about your roof as possible is essential if you need maintenance, repairs, or a complete roof replacement.

James Kate Roofing, our goal is to provide service that goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations. For this reason, we employ cutting-edge methods throughout our roof checks. Our roof inspectors can capture high-resolution images of your entire roof from above by using a drone as a camera. Our crew will provide you with a comprehensive report after thoroughly inspecting your roof using our 3D drone mapping software.

Why Drones Are Good Inspection Equipment?

You can’t replace the eyes, and ears of a trained expert with a drone. However, here’s how, though, a drone can make roof inspections not only safer, but also more productive, and more thorough:


Some roofs are too steep or too inaccessible to use a ladder safely. Images captured by a drone during a roof inspection may be superior to those captured by an inspector.


The time needed to conduct a property survey can be cut in half with the help of a drone. Also, it can cut the number of workers needed to do the job in half, from a team of two.

More Detailed

Drones can take photos of your roof from a number of different angles. Having these images instead of scribbled notes and a rough sketch is a huge help.

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With James Kate Roofing, you can have peace of mind knowing your roof is in good hands. When you need a roof inspection, call James Kate Roofing.

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