Roof Repair

Residential & Commercial Roof Repair

From minor roofing repairs to extensive replacements, we offer extensive roofing services for all your local commercial and residential roofing needs. Our roofing technicians adhere to health and safety regulations while providing state-of-the-art, cost-effective roofing solutions that meet your requirements. So whether you want quick roof repairs or an extensive roof installation, give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home or business. Having your roof inspected on a regular basis means discovering potential problems while they are still small and easy to repair. We recommend that property owners inspect their roof at least once per year. Keeping up with yearly maintenance will prevent major problems from ruining your roof before its serviceable life is through. Homeowners can perform the check themselves by going into the attic and looking for potential leaks (while it is raining will make it easier to see), but the most thorough way to check is to call your local roof repair experts at James Kate Roofing.

There are several indicators that help you determine if a roof repair may be needed. If you notice leaks or signs of water damage on the ceiling, you probably have a leak in your roof. A strong windstorm might have blown away some of your shingles or lift a flat roof, leaving spaces for water to seep into your home or business and cause damage. Constant water exposure could cause your wood beams to rot and/or insulation to form mold. If you can see places where your roof deck is sagging, or if you can see natural light showing through the roof.

Once your commercial or residential roof has been inspected, the next plan of action is to perform the necessary repairs. The types of repairs we perform depend on whether the problems were caused by brutal weather or poor installation in the first place. For instance, high winds or hail could cause the need for shingle replacement (which is why you should always save a couple bundles during initial instaRoof Leaking?llation.)

Poor roofing practices from contractors also necessitates repairs from us down the line in situations where flashing was in
stalled incorrectly, weather guard was failed to put down, or shingles were nailed too low among a myriad of other issues. Any roofing leaks or potential for water exposure needs to be dealt with immediately which is what makes annual inspections such a worthwhile investment.

If you have any problems with your roof, it is time to call Dallas / Ft Worth’s best roofing contractor at James Kate Roofing. We’ll come out ASAP to inspect your roof and advise you on the best course to take. Call us today for a free estimate!