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The look of tile roofs are modern, unique and have an Italian influence. Tile roofs can withstand all types of weather and do not require much maintenance throughout the year. They also lasts a lot longer than many other roofing materials. A popular roof style in the southwestern United States, tile roofing solutions give a classic look reminiscent of a Spanish countryside. Generally, tile roofing is constructed from clay, but is sometimes made from sand or concrete.


Tile roofs are among the most durable roofing solutions and can last five decades or longer with routine maintenance. It’s ideal for sunny climates and is naturally protected from damage caused by the sun’s rays. Tile roofs also protect against rot and insect damage. Some variations of clay tile roofing emulate the look of wood shingles while offering better protection against fire.


Tile roofs are expensive and heavy. Therefore, some homes can’t support it without expensive structural improvements. If you have tile roofing, every one to two decades you’ll need to hire a contractor to replace the underlaying material set below the tile roofing. Tile roofing can also break when walked upon, meaning you’ll need to hire a professional installer and be careful when making rooftop renovations or installing and repairing antennas and satellite dishes.

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