When there is a hole or leak in your roof, you must have people you can trust to fix it quickly and effectively. James Kate Roofing is a company in Lewisville, Texas, with a long history of roofing expertise. Their team of highly skilled experts has dealt with many different roofing problems, so we know what we are doing. Whether the issue is big or small, we can handle it.

At James Kate Roofing, we are dedicated to finding efficient and useful solutions to Lewisville TX commercial roofing emergencies. We will carefully evaluate your situation and choose the best action to address the problem. Then, we will work quickly and efficiently to implement the solution, ensuring your roof is in good condition and you are happy with our work.

James Kate Roofing & Solar Commercial Roofing Services That Offers in Lewisville, TX

Reliable Emergency Roofing Services For Commercial Properties in Lewisville, TX

James Kate Roofing is the company to call for reliable and effective emergency roofing services for commercial properties in Lewisville, TX. If you have a leaking roof, their team of skilled roof repair specialists is ready to find the source of the leak and quickly fix it before things get worse. We understand that flooding and water damage can result in significant financial losses for your business in the short and long term. 

Call Us For 24/7 Emergency Commercial Roof Repair Services in Lewisville, TX

If you suddenly have a roof issue in Lewisville, Texas, you can contact James Kate Roofing & Solar for 24/7 emergency commercial roof repair services. When you contact us, their skilled roofing team can examine the damage. Roof leaks can be stressful and dangerous, so We’ll work immediately to fix the problem and stop any further damage.


After a storm damages your commercial property in Lewisville, TX, it must be repaired quickly. Sometimes, it is challenging to immediately notice the damage on a flat roof. Contact a qualified roofing contractor like James Kate Roofing & Solar to evaluate your roof’s damage. We provide free estimates for Lewisville, TX commercial roofing storm damage services.

Trust Us For Expert Commercial Roof Repair Services After Storm Damage in Lewisville, TX

If your commercial property in Lewisville, TX, has been damaged by a storm or hail, contact James Kate Roofing & Solar for assistance. We offer knowledgeable and professional roofing services with transparent pricing and open communication. Our team of highly skilled professionals in Lewisville, TX, has the expertise to assess the damage and restore your roof to its original condition.

Choose Us For Fast Roofing Storm Damage Services in Lewisville, TX

After any storm or extreme weather condition in Lewisville, TX, inspect your commercial roof for potential damage thoroughly. If you notice any damage, restoring it immediately is essential. Contact James Kate Roofing & Solar for reliable commercial roof repair services. We will inspect your roof, evaluate the damage, and assist you in moving forward as fast and effectively as possible.

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