Are you considering putting solar shingles on your Irving, Texas house to save energy but worried about the long installation process? Some solar shingle installations can take weeks, which can annoy homeowners. But with James Kate Roofing & Solar, you can enjoy the benefits of home solar shingles without trouble by using a GAF energy timberline solar roofing system on your Irving, Texas, house.

Make Your Home Better With Timberline Solar™ Shingles in Irving, TX 

If you live in Irving, TX, and want to put timberline solar roof shingles on your home that can be installed with regular shingles, call James Kate Roofing & Solar. Timberline solar shingles by GAF Energy can lower energy costs and make your home look nicer. With a 25-year warranty, the timberline solar roofing system is a strong and long-lasting choice.

Get the Best Solar Roofing Installation in Irving, TX, With James Kate Roofing & Solar

As the top company for Irving, TX solar roofing installation, we only use the best equipment to ensure you get the most out of solar energy. Our solar roof installers in Irving, Texas, have the skills to safely put the shingles on your roof, make them look nice, and protect your roof and house.

Trust Us For Expert Solar Shingle Repair and Maintenance in Irving, Texas 

Our company wants to make customers happy and give the best service we can. We specialize in providing people in Irving, Texas, solar shingles repair and maintenance services that fit their needs and wants.

Great Home Battery Backup Systems in Irving, TX 

James Kate Roofing & Solar gives great home battery backup systems to ensure your family has electricity during blackouts or emergencies. We know having a steady power source for your home is important, especially in Irving, Texas.

Experienced Solar Shingle Services in Irving, Texas 

James Kate Roofing & Solar in Irving, Texas has lots of experience taking off and putting back on solar shingles for different projects. If you need work done on your rooftop solar shingles, you can trust us to do it safely and quickly.

Use Renewable On-Grid Solar Systems in Irving 

An on-grid solar system is a good and cheap way to make clean, renewable energy. If your solar shingles make more energy than you use, you can get credits on your electricity bill, and the extra energy goes back into the grid.

Be Independent With Off-Grid Solar Systems in Irving 

Off-grid solar power systems give electricity to buildings not connected to the main power grid. These systems make electricity using solar shingles, batteries, and other equipment, and they let you be independent.

Choose a Trustworthy Hybrid Solar System in Irving 

Hybrid solar systems can be a great choice for people who want to use less non-renewable energy, make their carbon footprint smaller, and still have a steady

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