A skilled roofer in Irving, Texas, needs the right tools and safety gear to inspect a roof correctly. They also need to know how to find problems and suggest fixes. After looking at your commercial roof, a professional roofer can tell you how to keep it in good shape and protect your building.

Want a free inspection for your commercial roof? Contact James Kate Roofing to learn about Irving TX commercial roofing inspections.

Commercial Roofing Services We Offer in Irving, Texas

Get Precise Commercial Roofing Estimates in Irving, TX

Do you need roofing services in Irving, TX? James Kate Roofing gives accurate commercial roofing quotes by checking your roof, materials, labor costs, safety measures, and warranty. We provide an estimated time, but the weather might change when the project is done. Pick us for good services, honesty, and quick work.

Transparent and Fair Pricing For Commercial Roofing Inspection  in Irving, Texas 

Our estimators at James Kate Roofing in Irving, Texas look at different things when determining the cost of commercial roofing jobs. The roof size is important, along with the roofing system, and complex roof designs with many peaks and valleys will cost more labor. Roof access is also considered; using a crane for a ten-story building costs more than a one-story building.

Trustworthy Commercial Roofing Contractor in Irving, TX

For all your commercial roofing needs, contact James Kate Roofing. Our company in Irving, Texas, has been around for a while. We are proud to help the Irving community make the best choice by offering expert installation, maintenance, and replacement services. Get in touch with us now to get a free quote for your commercial’s roofing needs!

Help With Commercial Insurance Claims in Irving, TX 

James Kate Roofing & Solar provides top-quality roofing services in Irving, Texas. We can do everything from Irving, TX commercial roofing. James Kate Roofing works with big commercial building insurance companies to help fix or replace your commercial property’s roof. If there is storm damage, their expert commercial roofers in Irving, Texas, help you with every step of the insurance claims process. 

First, they carefully examine the damaged area to find out what is wrong and how bad it is. Then, they make a report with an estimate, what they think should be done, and a timeline. The report is filed as a claim with your commercial insurance company in Irving, Texas. The insurance company will send someone to look at the damage and give a claim offer form if they approve the claim. James Kate Roofing makes sure the claims process is correct and fair. After the approval, the company can start fixing your commercial roof. Contact them right away for help. They will look at your building and help you with the insurance claims process. Our experts will also work with you to find a good time for the inspection.

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