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Want to make your Frisco, Texas home more energy-efficient? Consider installing solar shingles! James Kate Roofing can help. With our GAF Energy Timberline Solar™ roofing system, the installation process is quick and easy. Our solar shingles are unique because they can be fastened with nails, making them hassle-free. They’re made in the USA too. Go solar and enjoy the benefits of renewable energy for your home. Contact us today to learn more about Frisco TX solar roofing and how it can save you money while helping the environment.

Upgrade Your Roof With Timberline Solar™ Shingles in Frisco, TX

Because they are shingles rather than more traditional shingles or tiles, the components of the Timberline Solar solar roofing system are unique from other solar roofing systems currently on the market. Timberline SolarTM’s solar shingles are a dependable and long-lasting option for anyone interested in utilizing solar energy in their house or business. The solar shingles used in Timberline Solar may also have a beautiful appearance, improving the system’s overall aesthetic value and practical benefits.

Trust the Experts in Frisco, TX For Safe and Effective Solar Shingle Installation

Our team is competent in installing, upkeep, and maintaining solar shingles and related equipment. Our Frisco, Texas, solar roof installers have the skills and understanding to safely and effectively install the panels, improve their aesthetic appeal, and safeguard the roof and other components of the property. Our team has received specialized training, so we can guarantee that your solar panel system will be installed and maintained by the highest industry standards.

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Solar Shingles With Regular Maintenance From James Kate Roofing in Frisco, Texas

To ensure that your solar shingles are operating at their peak efficiency, we advise scheduling a yearly service to check for any problems or declines in energy production. Although solar panels typically require little maintenance, cleaning may be necessary to maintain maximum effectiveness depending on the local weather or other circumstances. 

Choose Us For Your Solar System Repairs in Frisco, TX

Our company is committed to delivering the best service and ensuring client happiness. Our customized designs are developed considering the particular requirements of your solar energy installation. We specialize in offering Frisco, Texas, homeowners individualized solar shingle repair and maintenance services catered to their unique needs and preferences.

We Offer High-Quality House Battery Backup Systems in Frisco, TX

James Kate Roofing has high-quality house battery backup systems. Your family will always have access to electricity in emergencies or power outages. We know the value of having a dependable power source for your Frisco, Texas, property. Our experts in Frisco, Texas, will choose the best battery backup system for your house with your input. 

Expert Solar Shingle Removal And Installation Services in Frisco, TX

James Kate Roofing has decades of experience removing and installing solar shingles for construction projects. We can securely and efficiently remove and reinstall your rooftop solar panels if you require work done. Our talented professionals have completed various jobs in Frisco, Texas. 

Maximize Your Energy Savings With Reliable On-Grid Solar Systems in Frisco, TX

An on-grid solar system is a reliable, cost-effective, clean, renewable energy source. You may be eligible for credits on your electricity account if the solar shingles on your on-grid system produce more energy than you consume and feed the extra energy back into the grid. 

Experience Uninterrupted Power With Off-Grid Solar Systems in Frisco, TX

Off-grid solar power systems can power structures without connections to the primary power grid. Solar shingles and additional tools like batteries and inverters are used to generate electricity by these autonomous systems. Since they allow you to access electricity even if you are not plugged into the grid, off-grid solar systems are an excellent option for people who live in distant or difficult-to-reach areas.

Hybrid Solar Systems Offer Reliable and Continual Energy For Your Homes in Frisco, TX

Hybrid solar systems are more trustworthy since they may still be able to provide electricity even if one of the energy sources isn’t available. For instance, a hybrid solar system can continue producing electricity even if a solar shingle is damaged or a grid power outage using the backup energy source.

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