Arlington and Mansfield Elastomeric Roof Coating

What is elastomeric coating?

Elastomeric Coating in Arlington and Mansfield

Elastomeric roof coatings can repair most roof leaks

Elastomeric coatings offer effective and affordable solutions for fixing roof leaks.

The coatings can be used to repair most roof leaks. The elastomeric roof coatings can be used throughout the year because they stretch and contract easily to adjust to winter and summer temperatures.

It is usually made using polymeric products such as acrylic alongside white pigments like titanium dioxide. This helps create a reflexive final product.

Uses for Elastomeric Coating

Elastomeric roof coating can be used to fix almost all types of roofs. Examples of common roof types that will work well with elastomeric coating include; wood, polyurethane foam, single-ply roofing, modified bitumen, metal roofs, concrete and built-up roofing. If you aren’t sure your roof type will work well elastomeric coatings, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are always willing to help.

Benefits of Elastomeric Coating

These coatings can work with almost any roof type. Another advantage is they are long-lasting. The coatings are resistant to fungi and mildew among other common materials that damage roofs with time.

Another advantage of the coatings is that they are seamless, providing a neat uniform coating. Elastomeric coatings offer individual benefits to certain roof types. For instance, polyurethane foam roofing benefits greatly from the coatings by getting great ozone and UV light protection.

The heat reflexive properties also offer great benefits such as lowering cooling costs. This advantage is enjoyed regardless of the rooftype. The heat reflexive properties also offer anti-aging properties when coatings reflect harsh sun rays which age roofs with time. Elastomeric coating is also simple to use, VOC compliant and nontoxic.

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Arlington and Mansfield Elastomeric Roof Coating

Elastomeric Coatings protect and enhance

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