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James Kate Roofing offers high-quality commercial roofing. Our timely services provide a result you can trust in longevity. Our team of certified commercial contractors has been in this business since 2008.

Whether you need a full replacement or commercial roofing repair, count on James Kate Roofing for the quality you can see.


Expert Commercial Roofing Repair

Speed and efficiency are our two goals heading into any commercial roofing project. We pride ourselves on customer service and ensuring your needs are met and communicated through each process step.

Professional Commercial Roofing Services For Efficient and Economical Solutions

Should you get a new roof for your commercial building? When you work with the best commercial roofing services provider, you can rest assured that the solution for your new commercial roof will be both economical and efficient. We can provide you with the appropriate solution that is tailored to your roof in particular. During the process of replacing your roof, our specialists will offer advice and recommendations to help you select the best option.

Commercial Roofing Contractors Providing Accurate Cost Estimates and Quality Services

Because commercial roofs have to survive severe weather, it is necessary to choose excellent products for the project to succeed. As a commercial roofing contractor with the level of experience we have, we are able to provide accurate cost estimates for any new construction project thanks to expert estimators. The roof inspection crew is equipped with the necessary experience and expertise to fulfill all of the requirements.

High-Quality Restoration & Coatings

We offer comprehensive roofing services, including restoration, coatings, and installation of new shingles. As a company that offers unmatched commercial roofing services, we are able to do routine maintenance, repairs, and restorations on practically all existing roofs of any age or type. This guarantees that your roof will last for a very long period and be made of materials of the greatest quality.


  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

TPO is an affordable, sturdy, and sure way to add a roof to your commercial property; it also provides a certain level of customizability during the installation and insulation process. The TPO commercial roofing material cannot be compared to other materials available on the market today. Opting for this roofing material guarantees you some extra money you’d have spent on cooling bills in the future.

  • Elastomeric Coating

This commercial roofing coating is a paint-like liquid that is usually applied over the top of an existing roofing system to create a membrane. Elastomeric coatings have many benefits; they are waterproof, have an incredibly long lifespan, and hold less heat.

  • Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen is one of the market’s most durable commercial roofing products. Depending on the substrate of the roof, it can be laid in a single layer or numerous layers at once.

  •  EPDM

 EPDM is known to be lightweight and cost-effective, making it the ideal choice for commercial roofs. Because the rubber membrane is applied cold, installation is quick and straightforward. Rather than using heat or flames to adhere the EPDM to the preexisting structure, adhesive solutions are used. This makes the process more time and energy effective.

  • Tar and Gravel Repairs

Tar and gravel are roofing materials that homeowners frequently select. Thanks to its presence, your house will be shielded from harmful environmental factors including the sun’s rays, wind, rain, and snow. It can be applied to flat roofs and its installation involves the application of many layers of fiberglass-reinforced tar paper that has been wet with asphalt. 


When considering a commercial roofing company, it is essential that you know the qualities of a good repair team and roof installers. Many characteristics make a good commercial roofing company and below are several you should consider:

  • Reputation

One of the main qualities of a good commercial roofing contractor is its reputation.  A good roofing company has a good reputation and has been dealing with the various roofing needs of many commercial property owners for years. So, if you are planning to hire a commercial roofer, make sure to find one with a good history.

  • Permanent Location for Easy Contact

a commercial roofing contractor must have a permanent address so clients can easily contact them. A company with a local address is more likely to be there when you need them and not move from state to state chasing storms.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Every roofing company must have excellent customer service as property owners may need roofing assistance on an escalated timeline.  Don’t let a contractor make you look bad because they do not care about customer service.  Our top priority is taking care of your tenants so they are happy and consume less of your time.

  • Provides Best Quality Commercial Roofing Installers

A good commercial roofing company provides the best quality commercial roofing services that are guaranteed to deliver results and satisfaction.

  • Offers Services at Affordable Rates

Aside from providing the best services, a company that was established with a good reputation also offers its services at affordable rates to help its consumers save money without sacrificing quality and other essential factors in commercial roofing.

Knowing the qualities of a good commercial roof contractor can give you an edge particularly if this is your first time hiring one for your commercial property.


Having a roof that is either old or broken is a financial burden for your business. Leaks can cause harmful mold or damage to the structure of a building, so they need to be fixed as soon as possible before the problem gets out of hand. James Kate Roof has extensive expertise in dealing with commercial clients, and our highly trained roofers can maintain, repair, or replace the roof of your commercial building so that you can keep your attention where it belongs—on the things that really matter. Contact us today for all your commercial roofing needs.

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