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EPDM Roofing Systems

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) Roofing Systems have been around for over fifty years, in fact one of the first EPDM roof installed in 1964 is still performing to this day. In the past EPDM roof systems were mostly installed on commercial buildings and very rarely installed on residential homes but in recent years the price for EPDM systems has gone down making it affordable to homeowners. With proper maintainance  it is reasonable to expect a EPDM (rubber) roof to last for forty or more years. However the long term performance of your roof system will vary greatly depending on the training and skill of the installer who applies the material. Fully adhered systems are available in either a .045, .060 or an .090 mil thickness. The thicker the better.


  • EPDM does not need to be coated or have any major maintenance over long periods of time.
  • Water runoff is non polluted which is very important if rain water collection is being utilized.
  • Remains flexible even after 50 years of service life as well as during cold weather. It will not crack or peel when the temperature gets below freezing.  (APP is notorious for cracking during cold weather and is susceptible to thermal shock where EPDM excels in these areas)
  • Is extremely hail resistant
  • Ponding water has no adverse effect
  • Is much safer to apply since it does not require a flame or torch to install.
  • Is puncture resistant
  • Is resistant to heavy foot traffic
  • Is very easy to repair. (Have you ever patched a bicycle inner tube? Patching an EPDM roof is exactly the same.)

If a lot of penetrations such as air conditioner units, pipes, structural supports are present, a mechanically fastened EPDM roof system is a good option. EPDM is such a versatile product that it is used in many applications across multiple fields including pond liners, electrical insulation and of course the roofing industry.

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