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Are you looking to install solar shingles for your home in Arlington, TX, and what is the installation time? With James Kate Roofing & Solar, you can quickly enjoy the benefits of solar shingles by choosing a GAF Energy Timberline Solar roofing system for your home. Arlington, TX solar roofing features a unique shingle called the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™. It’s the first solar shingle in the world that can be nailed down and is proudly made in the United States.

What Makes Timberline Solar™ GAF By Energy Special?

Using solar energy for your home has many benefits. GAF Energy’s Timberline Solarroof shingles make it even easier to use solar power. You’ll get many benefits, like making electricity from the sun’s energy. With solar shingles, you can install solar shingles and your regular roofing, and this saves you money because you don’t need to hire a separate contractor. The solar shingles are put on the roof just like standard shingles. If you live in Arlington, Texas, and want to put solar shingles on your roof, contact James Kate Roofing & Solar Contractors for more information.

High-Quality Solar Shingle Installation in Arlington, TX

James Kate Roofing & Solar is a leader in providing and installing high-quality solar equipment for its customers. We give customers a free solar evaluation to see if their homes can install solar shingles. A trained technician will check the property to see if there is enough space and sunlight. We are the top company for installing solar roofs in Arlington, Texas. 

Trust Us For Solar System Repairs in Arlington, TX

Our company is dedicated to ensuring our customers are happy and giving the best service possible. We specialize in providing people in Arlington, TX, personalized solar shingles repair and maintenance services. We make plans that consider your solar energy system’s specific needs.

Power Up Your Home With Our Battery Backup Systems in Arlington, Texas

James Kate Roofing & Solar in Arlington, Texas, offers home battery backup systems to make sure you have electricity during power outages or emergencies. These systems have many benefits:

  • Reliable power during blackouts: You can keep your lights and appliances working even when the main power goes out.
  • Energy independence: Make your electricity and depend less on the power grid.
  • Higher home value: A backup system can make your home more attractive to buyers.
  • Savings: You can save money on your energy bills by making your electricity.

Upgrade Your Home With Affordable Solar Solutions in Arlington, Texas

James Kate Roofing also helps remove and reinstall solar shingles for building projects. They can fix solar shingle roofs in Arlington too. To get an affordable solar system for your home, contact James Kate Roofing & Solar. Solar shingles have become cheaper, making it easier for people to switch to solar energy.

Embrace Clean Energy Savings With On-Grid Solar Systems in Arlington, TX

With an on-grid solar system, you can save money and create clean energy. You get credits on your electricity bill when your solar shingles make more energy than you use. James Kate Roofing & Solar can help install an on-grid system and support you.

Experience Energy Independence With Off-Grid Solar Solutions in Arlington, TX

Off-grid solar systems are for buildings not connected to the primary power grid, and they use solar shingles, batteries, and inverters to make electricity. James Kate Roofing installs and fixes off-grid systems, using the best parts to ensure your system works well.

Reliable Power With Hybrid Solar Systems in Arlington, TX

Hybrid solar systems can be a great choice to use less non-renewable energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and have a steady power source. Contact James Kate Roofing & Solar to learn more about hybrid solar systems for your home or business.

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